Marlo Dance Studio

        MarLo Dance Studio opened its doors in 1999 with two co-founders/teachers, Maria Merriam and Lois Henry instructing in ballet, tap, and Ballroom respectively.

        The staff at MarLo believes that dance training provides a mentally and physically healthy interest, valuable life skills such as respect, teamwork, commitment, creative expression and the achievement of personal goals.

        We are a performing arts school! MarLo's annual spring productions are major community events; not just for parents and friends. With the support of the community and business sponsors, MarLo Dance Studio has created an annual fund for scholarships through these performances.


Ballroom Dance program

         Thanks to shows like Dancing With The Stars, ballroom or social dancing has come back into the American cultural spotlight. Couples, singles, teens, and folks in their golden years are discovering the exercise and fun of couple dancing. In response, MarLo Dance Studio began a separate ballroom program to meet this clamoring need.

        Classes are structured in 4 week sessions. Enough time for the dancer to have a social handle on the given dance. It is our goal to offer more than just steps, but techniques that will allow social dancers to dance together with ease.

Dances we offer, but not limited to, include: Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, ChaCha, Hustle, Salsa, Tango, and Night Club 2 Step.


Private lessons

Getting married? Going on a cruise? Want to speed up the learning curve? If the answer is yes, private instruction is the answer. Partner not required.


Maria Merriam

    (Co-Owner and Primary Ballroom Instructor at Marlo)

              Maria started off as a Ballet dancer at the age of 4, loving dance from the beginning. Always staying involved in the performing arts, she went to New York and expanded her ballet training substantially! After deciding to settle down in Bandon Oregon, she took a heavy interest in the ballroom dancing near her studio. Investing years of training with professionals, she began to share the joy of partner dancing with her students.


               Maria specializes in making social dance fun and easy for beginners. Four week sessions include both beginner and intermediate group classes. Intermediate classes offer more than just steps, but techniques that allow socials dancers to dance together with ease. Couples, singles, teens and folks in their golden years discover the exercise and enjoyment of couple dancing.  


Contact Marlo Dance Studio

Phone Number: 541-347-4616 or 541-252 –1394

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Location:  205 Ohio Avenue S.E. Bandon, OR, 97411