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The Oregon Coast Dance League

Who are we?

           The Oregon Coast Dance League (OCDL) is an organization made up of three dance clubs and two dance businesses along the Oregon coast:

Bay Community Dance Club

U.S.A. Dance 

Bandon Oregon Ballroom Dance Association 

Marlo Dance Studio

Spark Up Dance



What is our Purpose?

          We are working together to support partner dancing on the Oregon Coast. We want everyone to learn and enjoy partner dances styles such as Swing, Latin, Ballroom, and more! Our goal is to advertise, teach, and create dance opportunities for all who come to the coast. Our events are alcohol free so that all ages may participate.  We invite everyone to come have a great time and learn something new!        


          Check out our Calendar for information on the latest events!

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!


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